Central Florida Desserts Specialist Begins Anew in New Port Richey

“We’ll be serving homemade ice cream, along with soft serve and Italian ice."
Until it opens, curious readers can visit O-Ku, the group’s Jacksonville Beach sushi restaurant, for a sample of Indigo Road’s vision.
“Each meal will be an unforgettable experience using the freshest local ingredients for your culinary river journey."
The restaurant is expected to be completed by early 2024.
Operating under a made-to-order model, MOD Pizza has an impressive array of ingredients, with ten meat selections, two dozen veggie selections, several cheeses, drizzles, sauces, and other palette toppers.
"Our idea takes the already highly desirable trendy food hall and adds boutique popup shopping, nightly live entertainment, special events and ….. a carousel bar!” 
The establishment’s name, Pour and Decor, implies an intersection between drink and fashion or design.
"Itameshi is Italian cuisine made with Japanese sensibilities."
Paperwork shows Eat Art Love opening at Sixth Avenue South and 22nd Street South
The new Pete’s will open in the historic Harbordale Standard Oil Station
The health food chain currently has 11 locations either open or under development
The local chain currently has thirteen locations and at work on another eight
The proposed plans for a drive-thru-only location will require an update, however
Paperwork shows Campbell’s Caribbean Delight opening near Magnolia Avenue and Pine Street

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